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Short Fiction

Bones of Saint Dyfrig, How Shall I Die?

Gwyllion Magazine

A king attempts to cheat his death, with horrifying consequences.


Dark Drabbles - 666 (Black Hare Press)

What settles for countryside's rot?

The Lights Are On
Waterfront Magazine

Two men are trapped in a broken elevator. One of them wants to go home. The other is home.

A Modest Proposal
Cheval 12 (Parthian Books)

In a future Britain, family planning is taken to a dark place.

Who is the fairest of them all?

'I did as he asked; I never opened the chamber.'

IMG_0399 (1).JPG


Crick Crack presents: Dauntless: Grace O'Malley, Pirate Queen Review

Daily Info Oxford

With a confident stride and an easy rapport with her audience, performer Debs Newbold brings the story of her personal hero to the stage.

Anatomy of a Fall Review

Picturehouse Fresh Takes

Despite its French setting, this courtroom drama is a Russian doll of reveals and moral ambiguity.

A childhood friend's advice on being cool made me realise something.

How to Find the Perfect Sensitivity Reader for You

Writers & Artists

Tips on how to find a good sensitivity reader for your novel.

NaNoWriMo: How Did it Go?
Waterfront Magazine

A reflection on National Novel Writing Month 2020.

 Waterfront Magazine

Introducing readers to the joy that is National Novel Writing Month.

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